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  • Smuggler's Den Campground
  • Smuggler's Den Campground
  • Smuggler's Den Campground
  • Smuggler's Den Campground
  • Smuggler's Den Campground
  • Smuggler's Den Campground
  • Smuggler's Den Campground
  • Smuggler's Den Campground
  • Smuggler's Den Campground
  • Smuggler's Den Campground
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Trail Map

Courtesy of College of the Atlantic - Click on Trail Number below the map for a description of that trail.

Mount Desert Island Trail Map

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1. Cold Brook Trail - Easy

Distances from Pumping Station:
to start of trail: 0.1 mi., 5 min.
to Gilley Field: 0.4 mi., 20 min.

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2. Long Pond (Great Pond) Trail

Distances from Pumping Station:

to junction w/ Perpendicular Trail:
0.2 mi, 5 min.

to Western Trail junction:
2.9 mi., 1 hr. 40 min.

to Great Notch: 3.2 mi.

This excellent footpath starts at the pumping station at the foot of Great Pond. It follows the west shore of the pond for 1.5 mi., then bears west away from it. Turning south, the trail passes through a beautiful birch forest and follows Great Brook to a junction with the Western Trail. With this route to the Western Trail you can reach the complex of trails on the mountain and from there complete a circuit back to the pumping station.

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5. Beech Cliff Trail - Strenuous

Moderate Loop: distance from the Beech Mountain parking area:
0.6 mi., 30 min.

Ladder Trail: distance from the Echo Lake parking area: 0.5 mi., 40 min.

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6. Beech Mountain South Ridge Trail

Distance from service road at Long Pond

to start (via Valley Trail): 0.3 mi., 10 min.

to summit of Beech Mtn.: 0.9 mi., 45 min.

7. Beech Mountain Trail - Moderate

Distances from Beech Mtn. parking area:

to Beech Mtn. Summit (via north fork):
0.7 mi., 45 min.

to Beech Cliff parking area (via north fork,
then south fork): 1.2 mi., 1 hr. 15 min.

The trail leaves the northwest side of the Beech Cliff parking area and forks at 0.1 mi. The trail to the right (north) is 1 mi. long with a beautiful vista of Great Pond before climbing to the summit. The trail to the left is 0.6 mi. long and climbs more steeply to the summit of Beech Mountain, with its fire tower. The two trails can be combined to from a scenic loop hike. From the summit, the West Ridge and South Ridge Trails depart to the southwest and south, respectively.

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8. Beech Mountain West Ridge Trail -

Distances from Pumping Station:

to junction with Beech Mtn. Loop Trail:
0.9 mi., 40 min.

to summit of Beech Mtn. (via the Loop Trail):
1.0 mi., 45 min.

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9. Canada Cliff Trail - Moderate

Distance from Beech Mtn. Parking Area:

to Beech Cliff Trail: 0.9 mi., 45 min.

This trail offers access to the top of Beech Cliff. It starts at the Beech Cliff parking area located at the end of the NPS road to the public swimming area on the south shore of Echo Lake. It climbs quickly, via switchbacks and ladders, to a junction with Canada Cliffs Trail north to the Beech Cliff Trail and proceeds out on the top of Beech Cliff for views of Echo Lake and the ocean and islands to the south. This route also provides access from the east to Beech Mountain and Great Pond.

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10. Flying Mountain Trail - Moderate

Distances from Fernald Cove Parking Area:

to Flying Mtn. Summit: 0.3 mi., 15 min.

to Fernald Cove parking areas (via truck road from Valley Cove): est. 1.2 mi., 45 min.

to Acadai Mtn. Trail junction: 1.5 mi., 5 min.

This trail over tiny Flying Mountain leaves the east side of the parking area at the Fernald Cove end of the Valley Cove truck road and rises quickly to the summit. It follows the summit ridge north to a point overlooking Valley Cove, then descends quickly and steeply through spruce woods. At the edge of Valley Cove, the trail follows the shore north over rock slides and under forbidding Eagle Cliff to end at a junciton with the Acadia Mountain Trail at Man O'War Brook. At Valley Cove, the north terminus of the truck road is up the bank about 75 yards south from the water's edge. For an easy return to the Fernald Cove parking area, follow the road south for about 0.5 mi.

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11. Great Notch Trail - Moderate

Distance from Gilley Field

to Razorback Trail junction: 0.1 mi., 5 min.

to Great Notch: 1.1 mi., 45 min.

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12. St. Sauveur Trail - Moderate

Distance from ME 102

to Ledge Trail junction: 0.6 mi., 40 min.

to St. Sauveur Summit: 1.3 mi., 55 min.

This trail is an easy route to the summit of St. Sauveur Mountain from the north. Follow the Acadia Mountain Trail description to reach teh trailhead. Go right at the fork 0.1 mi. down the trail. The path runs south through evergreens and over open slopes, rising constantly, but not too sharply for 1 mi., to a junction with the Ledge Trail on teh right. From there it is 0.3 mi. to the summit, where the St. Sauveur Trail joins the Valley Peak Trail.

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13. Ledge Trail - Moderate

Distances from ME 102

to St. Sauveur Trail junction: 0.5 mi., 25 min.

to St. Sauveur Summit: 0.6 mi., 40 min.

This trail begins at St. Sauveur parking area on the east side of Route 102 and 0.2 mi. south of the access road to the AMC Echo Lake Camp (private). The path enters the woods and rises over the ledge to its end. It meets the St. Sauveur Trail 0.5 mi. from the highway and about 0.3 mi. northwest of the summit.

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14. Valley Trail - Moderate

Distances from service road at Great Pond:

to Beech Mtn. South Ridge Trail junction:
0.7 mi., 10 min.

to Old Southwest Harbor Rd. & Canada Cliff Trail junction: 1.3 mi., 40 min.

to Beech Mtn. parking area: 1.5 mi., 50 min.

This graded path is a convenient link between the Great Pond area and the Beech Cliff parking area, which is located in the notch between Beech Cliff and Beech Mountain. It also permits a circuit on a one-way trip over Beech Mountain, since it provides direct access to the South Ridge Trail. The trail enters the woods on the east (right) side of the service road that skirts the east shore of the south end of Great Pond. The entrance is about 0.3 mi. north of the junction with the road to the pumping station. (Or, park at the pumping station, take the trail east, go right at a fork in 40 or 50 yards and cross the service road in about 0.3 mi.) By easy grades over wooded slopes, the trail runs north briefly and then swings east before entering a series of switchbacks on the south slopes of Beech Mountain. At about 1 mi., there are remains of the old road to Southwest Harbor and the Canada Cliffs Trail comes in from the right. Continue directly ahead (north) 0.2 mi. to the Beech Cliff parking area.

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15. Western Trail - Moderate

Distances from Great Pond Road

to Long Pond Trail junction:
1.1 mi., 1 hr. 5 min.

to Great Notch: 1.5 mi., 1 hr. 25 min.

This trail's main value is that it provides access to the Western Mountains from the north. There are no open vistas. To reach the trailhead, go about 1 mi. east from Route 102 on the Great Pond (Long Pond) fire road. The fire road crosses just north of Seal Cove Pond. The Western Trail starts on the east side of the road about 0.1 mile beyond the turnaround and parking area.

The trail tends southeast and rises by easy grades to a cunction with the Great Pond Trail (left) 1.9 mi. from the fire road. It ends in Great Notch at 2.3 mi. The Great Notch gives access to both Western Mountain peaks.

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17. Bernard Mountain South Face Trail -

Distances from Western Mountain Road:

to Bernard Summit: 1.7 mi., 1 hr. 20 min.

to Little Notch: 1.9 mi., 1 hr. 25 min.

to Great Notch: 0.5 mi.

This trail also starts in Mill Field on the Western Mountain fire road. (For directions to Mill Field, see Sluiceway Trail description.) As do many of the trails on the Western Mountains, it runs through a magnificent spruce-fir forest and affords fine views of western Mount Desert Island and Blue Hill Bay. It leads west 0.5 mi. and then rises north to Bernard Peak at 1.7 mi. and ends at Little Notch at the junction with Sluiceway Trail 0.2 mi. beyond.

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18. Mansell Mountain Trail - Strenuous

Distance from Gilley Field:

to Oulook Spur Trail: 0.8 mi., 30 min.

to Mansell Summit: 1.0 mi., 35 min.

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19. Perpendicular Trail - Strenuous

Distances from Pumping Station:

to start (via Long Pond Trail): 0.2 mi., 5 min.

to Mansell Summit: 1.2 mi., 1 hr. 10 min.

This trail, ascending Mansell Peak, starts from the Great Pond Trail on the west shore of Great Pond 0.2 mi. north of the pumping station. It follows a steep course up the east slope of Mansell, crossing a rock slide. The trail is very steep, especially at the start, and much of it runs over stone steps. The upper portion has an excellent view southwest. At an open ledge near the top, watch for a sign marked "overlook," where an abrupt turn left leads down sharply into woods and marsh before the trail goes up to the actual summit. The summit is wooded.

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20. Razorback Trail - Strenuous

Distances from Gilley Field:

to start of Razorback Trail (via Great Notch Trail: 0.2 mi., 5 min.

to junction with Mansell Peak Trail:
0.9 mi., 35 mi.

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21. Sluiceway Trail - Strenuous

Distances from Western Mountain Road:

to Great Notch Trail junction: 0.4 mi., 25 min.

to South Face Trail junction: 0.9 mi., 50 min.

to Bernard Summit (via South Face Trail):
1.1 mi., 1 hr.

This trail starts a Mill Field on the Western Mountain fire road. (To reach Mill Field, follow Seal Cove Road west from Route 102 in Southwest Harbor. The pavement ends at Acadia National Park, border. Take the first right off the dirt road, bear right at the first fork, and left at the second fork. The road ends at Mill Field.) The trail runs north 0.6 mi. to a junction with the Great Notch Trail. At this junction, the Sluiceway Trail swings northwest and climbs rather steeply, to a junction with the South Face Trail 0.4 mi. farther. To reach Bernard Peak, follow the South Face Trail (south) for 0.2 mi.

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22. Valley Peak Trail - Strenuous

Distances from the Valley Cove Road:

to St. Sauveur Summit: 0.8 mi., 45 min.

to Acadia Mtn. Trail junction:
1.6 mi., 1 hr. 10 min.

This trail leaves the west side of the Valley Cove truck road a few yards north of the parking area at Fernald Cove. It rises steeply northwest through shady woods over Valley Peak (the south shoulder of St. Sauveur Mountain) and skirts the top of Eagle Cliff, with outstanding views of Valley Cove below and the mountains to the east of Somes Sound. On the summit of St. Sauveur, at 0.8 mi., the St. Sauveur Trail comes in on the left. The Valley Peak Trail continues fairly steeply down the northeast shoulder of St. Sauveur to end at a junction with the Acadia Mountain Trail near Man O-War Brook fire road.

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23. West Ledge Trail - Strenuous

Distances from the Western Mtn. Road:

to Bernard Mtn. (South Face Trail junction):
0.8 mi., 45 min.

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